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August 27, 2014

Dear Friends and Supporters of Straydog,

I want to thank everyone for your recent support, which helped sustain Straydog through the end of July and almost the entire month of August. Thank you all very much!

Unfortunately, our operating funds are once again just about depleted. And though we want to thank the many contributors who do continue every day to put mail in Straydog's P.O. Box, the donations of the last couple of weeks have not kept up with expenses, which we understand as it happens in cycles over and over again.

Since October 1994, when Pat and I and our 11 rescues (all dogs) first arrived at this 20-acre property (out in the country in East Texas) which we now call Straydog, we have on many occasions been completely out of the necessary funds to continue operating. We have immediately sent out this kind of "emergency cry for help" letter, and you, our contributors, have always rescued us and provided us enough funding to get us through to our next big fund-raiser, which will be our "Straydog 4th Annual Golf Tournament" in October, which each year has been very successful, and you will be hearing more and more about the golf tournament very soon.

But right now, at August 27, 2014, with caregiver/kennel worker payroll coming up tomorrow and our weekly dog food purchase the next day, we are in extremely dire straights.

After our almost 20 years at Straydog you all know we are for real--Straydog is for real! Pat always referred to our shelter as our "Happy Home for Strays," and Juana has made sure that all the dogs in our care are still happy.

Our mission is clear: we will continue rescuing, rehabilitating and providing a healthy, happy home here at Straydog for our rescued dogs (and sometimes cats and other rescues) until each rescue is adopted into a good home, and we will provide sanctuary for those who never get adopted. And this mission is expensive!

We really need financial help ASAP, please!


Bill Arnold
Co-Founder of Straydog

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Covering the events at Straydog - SUN/MON, August 17/18, 2014

Stephanie checks out Blondie while her kennel mate Tobi apprehensively awaits his turn.


CLICK HERE for a recently posted Written Straydog Daily Update
Covering the events at Straydog - FRIDAY, August 15, 2014

LEFT: Sherri walks Honey to the van so James can take her to see Dr. Morton for her limping.
But x-rays show something quite worse: probable cancer of the liver.
RIGHT: Sherri takes Brownie to the van so James can take her to Morton Clinic too.
Brownie has a sore we suspect might be ringworm, which turns out to be ...

No Straydog Adoption Day this weekend (8.23.14) due to the outbreak of ringworm at the shelter.
But Great Pyrenees Spencer had a home visit, was officially adopted and later the adoptive mom had to go to the hospital
due to an allergic reaction to the dog, so we had to go back to Dallas to pick up Spenser Sunday
(8.24.14) . Spenser's back home in
his H2 kennel, and he's happy.

A Note from Bill ... We're getting close to switching over from our current website (which has been pretty much the same format since 1999) to our new, conventional website, and please be aware that if for some technical reason during this period of transition our update can't temporarily be posted here, please go to our Facebook page or go to www.Straydog.com for brief daily updates until our new website is up and running here at Straydog.org.

CLICK HERE for a recently posted Written Straydog Daily Update
Covering the events at Straydog - SATURDAY, August 9, 2014
Volunteer Polly holds the adorable new rescue who was dumped at a neighbor's house, and the neighbor couldn't keep the dog because his Pit bull wouldn't accept this little fella. What a cutie!


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CLICK HERE for our most recently posted Written Straydog Daily Update - Covering the events of August 2, 2014

 Juana holds the new rescues, Chiweenies Lynyrd and Dean, and one of them, Lynyrd, on the left, has already been adopted!


Saturday Adoption Day RESULTS: (8./16/14)
DAVID REPORTS: Application taken on Spencer + serious interest in Lilo with application to come!
We were at Petsmart Central at Parker, Plano,Tx from 11 - 3 p.m.
ROSTER: (1) Layla  (2) Lilo (pronounced "Lee-Low") (3) Foster Dog Aubry (4)  Foster Dog Sophie (5) Spencer (the Great Pyrenees)
Straydog observed "EMPTY THE SHELTERS DAY" by not charging our usual $150 adoption fee, but would-be adopters must still pass all other requirements.

Straydog SPECIAL EVENTS TEAM-- Linda, Tom and David + Wonderful Dogs! --were at the DFW Boat Expo at MARKET HALL for the past 2 weekends July 11, 12, 13 and 18, 19, 20 LEFT: Big Puppy Annabelle tells volunteer Todd Carr that she might have found her forever home today at the boat show. (7/12/14) CENTER: Volunteer Linda Rentz has charge of Puppy Lucy, RIGHT: Linda Arnold, Tom Arnold and Linda Rentz man our booth. CLICK HERE FOR LINDA'S REPORT on this two-weekend event.
Notes from Bill about Stacey's knee injury ... THURSDAY 7/10/14: Stacey Arnold, Pat's (and my) 2nd daughter, and President of Straydog Inc. for the past three years, slipped on her kitchen floor this morning and landed directly square on her knee and broke her kneecap in two. Stacey is in the hospital, and she'll need surgery. More to come soon. FRIDAY 7/11/14: Stacey had a good day. Pain, but it's being lessened by the drugs as she awaits surgery to repair her broken kneecap. SATURDAY 7/12/14: Stacey had another good day. Not too much pain. SUNDAY 7/20/14: Stacey had her knee cap repaired in surgery on Monday, and she's recuperating at home. Pain is getting less and less with each passing day. WEDNESDAY 8/6/14: Stacey is healing well. She still has another three weeks in a wheel chair.



Click here to download our complete 16-page Spring 2014 Straydog Newsletter




Straydog's 3rd Annual Donor Appreciation Reception
Sunday June 1, 2014
Hosted by the Arnold Family
Memory of Pat Arnold,
Founder of Straydog Inc.
A great success! Lots of supporters attended, lots of good conversations, lots of great desserts!
* Click here for the text of Bill Arnold's speech, which included the first couple of pages of (+ an outline of) his work in progress:
Straydog - The Arnold Family's Happy Home for Strays - A Brief History of a No-Kill Dog Shelter and its Founders

* Click here for Juana and Bill's live radio show narrating a slide show created by Erin using recent photos taken at the shelter. (Our wonderful volunteer, Carole Walsh, has summary transcribed this 11-minute show, and David Rentz has dropped in the photos of the slide show and has composed the webpages and has posted them. CLICK HERE for The Summary Transcription with Photos)

* John Morton, DVM of Morton Small Animal Clinic gave a wonderful brief talk again this year, emphasizing how happy our Straydog doggies are. (Unfortunately we didn't record Dr. Morton's comments.)





* Click here to download our
Spring 2014
Straydog Newsletter
Alvin J. Bart & Sons Inc., the printing company in New York that has so generously contributed the printing of color newsletters for us in the past, is again printing this newsletter, which Straydog is very grateful to have receive the printed newsletters, and they've all been mailed to our list of contributors..
Our thanks and deepest appreciation for the generous
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