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Straydog Journal Sunday, September 5, 1999 Pat and Bill Arnold


A No-Kill Shelter for lost and abandoned homeless dogs

P.O. BOX 1465, GUN BARREL CITY, TEXAS 75147 - Credit Card Donations

Jack is adopted by wonderful family

Click here for story and pictures of Jack's adoption.


Donations almost even with expenses

Last Week's Beginning Fund Balance: $4,346.91

LESS: $258.86 for dog food at Canine Commissary (plus we've still got five big bags of Nature's Recipe remaining from the 10-bag donation of three week's ago); LESS: $200 paid on vet bill at Lakeside Animal Clinic; LESS: $160 for mowing; LESS: $958.65 payroll for our once again three kennel helpers--we luckily found a new one to replace the one who disappeared; LESS: $305.53 (wholesale price from MacDonald Animal Clinic in Dallas) for flea and heartworm pills.

Total Cash Paid Out Last Week: $1,883.04

Last Week's Cash Donations: $1,718.64

This Week's Beginning Fund Balance: $4,182.51

We will continue to post our ARNOLD STRAY DOG FUND/Straydog Inc. balance every Sunday evening on the Internet, and we'll mail out a periodic newsletter as often as we can to let you know exactly what our financial situation is.

Dog food, veterinary expenses and kennel crew wages are running over $1,700 per week, and we are quite often literally paying this week's expenses with this week's donations. We, Pat and Bill Arnold, receive no remuneration whatsoever for any work we do for our no-kill shelter, which includes managing it. (Bill pays our bills from his salary from his regular job in Dallas.)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We continue to thank those who continue to write us such encouraging letters and e-mail messages letting us know that you believe in what we are doing at Straydog (our Happy Home for Strays) as we continue to provide a decent life (as long as may be necessary) for each of our now 45 rescued dogs!

Important Message in one Contributor's E-Mail

"We are teaching our daughter that all pets are a lifetime commitment. Once they come into our home, they are ours until their last day."

When everyone finally learns, accepts and follows the above rule, the problem of homeless pets will no longer exist. Adherence by everyone to this philosophy should ultimately insure that spay and neuter will automatically replace euthanasia as humanity's method of controlling the population of domesticated pets.


Please take a look at some of our newsletters (click on link at end of page) and at the article in The Dallas Morning News --on the Internet at (search for Pat Arnold on March 13, 1997).

We rely on donations to keep our shelter going. If you believe in us and in what we are doing, please send whatever you can to THE ARNOLD STRAY DOG FUND at the following address:

Straydog Inc.
P.O. Box 1465
, Gun Barrel City, TX 75147



We are a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Non-Profit Corporation

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