Excerpts from Pat's Daily Dog Log ...

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 5, 1999 - A hurt little Terrier needs a home

9:00 a.m. It was a beautiful morning, not too hot for a change, and I had just come in the house from giving little Pete his eye drops when the phone rang. It was a technician from "our" clinic--Lakeside Animal Clinic in Gun Barrel City. They had a hurt little dog who desperately needed a home--fast!

The small one-year-old Terrier mix was a stray who had been brought to the clinic by a man after the man noticed that the dog had been badly hurt. It seems that the man had seen the dog wandering about for several weeks, so he knew it was a stray, but when he saw the dog limping and noticed its severely wounded front leg, as well as other wounds on his back legs, he took the dog to Lakeside Animal Clinic. The man wanted the dog to be given medical attention, which he would pay for, but he could not keep the fellow.

The little Terrier had been at the clinic for three days and now had a stitched up and bandaged front leg, had bad cuts on his back legs, was on antibiotics and had no home. I told the clinic we would take the hurt little dog.

So now that the little fellow was a member of our Happy Home (and was now safe), the next thing we wanted for him was to have a thorough checkup and vaccinations and to be neutered, which would keep him at the clinic for another day or two, giving us time to figure out where we could put him. All our kennels are full and little Puppy Annie is still in our New Arrivals Kennel. (We've had this problem many times before, tho, and we've always managed to figure something out.)


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