You may donate to Straydog via your Kroger Card

Another way to donate to Straydog is to link your Kroger card up to Straydog. When you use your Kroger card on purchases, Kroger will automatically add a portion to Straydog's account.

Just click on the link below, go to "find your organization" and type in "Straydog Inc." Then click on "Straydog Inc. ­ Gun Barrel City TX" and print out the "customer letter," take it to your local Kroger store and have the cashier scan the bar code at the bottom to link up your Kroger card to Straydog Inc.


You may donate to Straydog via your Tom Thumb Card

When you use a share card at Kroger or Tom Thumb in Texas or Louisiana, 1% of the purchase amount is donated to Straydog, Inc. With Tom Thumb all you need is to tell them the share card number, and they'll add it to your 'reward card'. The Straydog share card number for Tom Thumb is #10698.