Straydog UPDATE posted TUESDAY 4/29/03 at ~8:47 p.m. CT

Pat's Daily Dog Log


Some dogs who have been here for quite a while

      I was just outside brushing some of the dogs this afternoon, taking care of a bit of the never-ending grooming that needs to be done every day (which is a good excuse for me to get out of our Straydog office and spend some time visiting with the dogs). I spent a long time visiting with Little Prince and his companion, Bailey. It takes a good 20 minutes to get Prince's beautiful, thick fur brushed all pretty. Bailey, who is a handsome short-haired fellow, is "done" much quicker. They love the attention, and I love being with the dogs.

Why have they not been adopted?

      These fellows have been with us for about five years. Prince is about seven years old now and is a German Shepherd mix. He has one hip that is not so perfect, which has kept him from being adopted time and time again, but this slight imperfection would not have kept him from becoming a wonderful pet. However, when people would come to look at the dogs available for adoption, those who were interested in adopting Prince quickly changed their minds when they heard that Prince was not absolutely perfect all over.

Prince (photo taken 4/29/03)

      Bailey has been Prince's companion since Bailey was four months old. Bailey was adopted one time when he was just one year old, but he was returned to us within a few weeks because he turned out to be "not the pet the people wanted, after all." Now Little Prince and Bailey have been here together for so long they have become inseparable.

Bailey (Photo taken 4/29/03)

Prince's story:

      Little Prince arrived at our shelter in October 1997. He had been abandoned by his owner and left to fend for himself when the family simply moved away and left him behind. We found out about the beautiful little German Shepherd mix when a woman who worked in a local grocery store called, telling us about Prince and saying that the poor dog was starving and the neighbors were threatening to shoot the hungry fellow who had become a garbage can "menace" as he scavenged the neighborhood in search for food.

      Little Prince came to our shelter that very day. He is a very sweet, loving dog, who likes some of the new people he meets but for some reason seems to shy away from other people. He and Bailey have been buddies all this time. They both deserve good homes, but it just may be hard for them to be separated now.

Bailey's story:

      Bailey came to our shelter when he was four months old. He had been seen wandering around a local High School for days and instead of calling the pound to come and get the little pup, the person who rescued him called us.

      Bailey arrived just a few days after Prince did and the two "new arrivals" became kennel companions and instant best friends.


      This precious German Shepherd mix is another wonderful dog. Tip has been with us for about six years, and none of us has the slightest idea of why she has not found her forever home yet. She would be the most loving, loyal, companion to her family that anyone could ever want in a dog. But she is still with us.



Beautiful Tipper (Photos taken 4/29/03)

      Tipper went to every one of our dog adoption days--every Saturday--for several years, and she was overlooked every single Saturday by the people who came to look for their special new pet. Finally Tipper showed us that she didn't like going to the adoption days, and we stopped taking her. Adoption days are supposed to be fun for the dogs. They all love the dog-sitting volunteers who take care of them throughout the day, and the dogs love all of the attention they get from the nice people who come to visit with them in our adoption center. But if a dog begins to get stressed out because of all the business of the day (as Tipper did), we don't take them anymore. (But they are all certainly still up for adoption. Just call us and make an appointment to come and see Tipper.)

Tipper needs to be the only pet in the household

      As Tipper has shown us in the past, she prefers to be the only dog in her kennel. She and Tommy Tootles were buddies for several years, but she became too rough when playing with him, and we separated them shortly before Tommy was adopted. Since then Tip has had other companions, but the friendships have not lasted long on her part, and she lets us know (by getting too rough with her companion) that she wants the kennel to herself.

      Tipper is gentle, lovable, affectionate, and wants so much to please humans. She would become a loyal companion to her new mom or dad.