Straydog UPDATE posted SUNDAY 6/1/03 at ~7:41 p.m. CT

"All Stray Dogs to Lucky Dogs ... NOW!"

Pat Arnold's
w w w . S t r a y d o g . o r g

Emily sits on Pat's lap in the waiting room at Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center Friday.


We have some very, very devastating and totally unexpected news to report: Saturday morning Pat suffered a brain aneurysm while outside working with some of the dogs. She collapsed with a horrific headache and nausea, and one of the kennel team members called 911 immediately. The ambulance took Pat to the ETMC Hospital in Athens, and from there she was taken via helicopter care-flight to ETMC Hospital in Tyler, where she suffered a second massive aneurysm, which stopped most of her brain function. The doctor said there was nothing more that could be done, and Pat was taken off life-support today about noon.


The last words Pat spoke to our kennel crew back at Straydog while waiting for the ambulance were:

"Take care of my dogs while I'm gone."


Pat's husband, Bill, along with their four children, Erin, Stacey, Bill, Jr. and Joe plus Pat's dedicated kennel team members are all committed to continue Pat's work at Straydog with no changes to any of Pat's dog care procedures and methods, adoption philosophies, adoption policies and dog rescue philosophies. We WILL take care of Pat's dogs exactly as she would have wanted us to!



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