JANUARY 2008 - Thank you!

Thanks to you Lady-dog got her knee surgery!

Juana reports - Lady-dog finally went to the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center for her knee operation - Lady's appointment was made for 10:15 a.m., Thursday, January 3, 2008, and the schedule was set to take Lady-girl to have her ACL repaired at the DVSC in Mesquite (which is the only vet clinic in north Texas where they have the expertise to do this very expensive, very complicated and very challenging TPLO surgery). Lady-dog, Bill and I left the shelter in the van this morning a little before nine o'clock heading for Mesquite, Texas.

     After a quick examination by feel of Lady-dog's knee, the doctor said that sure enough Lady does have a torn ACL. (He had, of course, already received x-rays along with the referral via email from Morton Small Animal Clinic.) The doctor said they could do the surgery today and we could pick up Lady-dog tomorrow morning.

LEFT: Lady looks around waiting room. CENTER: Dr. McDonald writes up the info for the surgery. RIGHT: "I'm ready," says Lady. "Let's get on with it."

     We agreed with doing the surgery today as we now had the necessary funds, and Dr. McDonald said the woman from the office would bring in the estimate, from which again this wonderful doctor's fee would be deducted, and he said he would call me at the shelter as soon as he finished doing her surgery to let us know how Lady-dog was doing. I said goodbye to our Lady-dog and left the Mesquite clinic and drove back to the shelter to finish up the day.

Lady-dog comes through the surgery well - Around 2:30 p.m., Dr. MacDonald called me saying that Lady was just waking up and that she was doing fine. The doctor said Lady had a completely torn her ACL, which the surgery corrected, so if everything goes okay during the night, Lady will be able to come back home tomorrow morning. We will be calling in the morning to make sure Lady is okay, and then Bill will pick her up.

     We really want to thank everybody for helping us with this huge financial expense (which is now $2,000, up a $100 from Colby's TPLO surgery in '05). Lady says a great big "GRACIAS!" and hopes you all continue supporting us here at Straydog. Millions of thank-yous from all of us to everyone!

After knee surgery yesterday Lady-dog is back home recuperating well - Our Lady-dog is back home today, after completing her very expensive surgery yesterday, which we were able to do thanks to all of you who helped us get it done. This morning after calling the clinic and making sure that Lady-dog was ready to come back home, Bill went to pick her up. When Bill arrived at the clinic, one of the vet techs met him at the locked front door (as the clinic is closed on Fridays), and he took Bill to an exam room and then went to get Lady-dog. The tech gave Bill three different kinds of meds and all the proper instructions for us to follow with Lady. The vet tech also said that since yesterday before surgery Lady hadn't urinated. Bill said he walked

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