Sequential 5-minute clips from
Pat Arnold's 1998 Straydog Video
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Comment posted on YouTube by a man in Brazil named Randall Hope:

"I could feel the love these folks have for their pups coming through my computer
screen. My hat's off to the Arnolds for their compassion and devotion. Although it
takes a lot of work, they clearly enjoy what they're doing to help their family of strays."



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Another comment posted by Randall Hope regarding Clip #2:

"The Arnolds have set up an elaborate, well-planned kennel area. The dogs look
healthy & happy. It just goes to show that individuals CAN make a difference!"



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Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 09:35
From: Janice, Rover's mom
Subject: YouTube clip showing Rover at breakfast almost 10 years ago.

My stars, it's my puppy Rover and his friend Happy. I saw my puppy jumping and wanting his breakfast [nine years ago]. Oh My. What can I say. What can I say!!!!

Janice, Rover's mom


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From: Rover's mom, Janice
Subject: You tube clips showing Rover at Straydog almost 10 years ago
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 12:03

I am so happy to see my Rover running like the wind and his kennel mate Happy too.  I am also glad to see Straydog at it's very beginning.  Julie, Fritz,Teddy Bear, Sunny.  Blackie was also running like the wind. See, that is why Rover is doing so good at 13 years old, because he had a great life after Pat rescued him.
Love Rover's Mom  Janice



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