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Special Report on Doby - Sunday, January 22, 2011 - Special Report on Doby

Erin reports ...      Edited and posted by Bill

The Placement of Doby in Doberman Rescue of North Texas

      I had been talking with a Volunteer with Doberman Rescue ( in Grand Prairie, Texas recently to see if their group could help us find a good home for Doby. The volunteer asked for pictures and a bio on Doby, and we conversed through email. One thing led to another and after a good adoption weekend for the Doberman Rescue, there was a spot for Doby that had opened up with one of their fosters. Would we like to bring him to their facility this weekend, the volunteer asked?

      We set up a meeting time, and David and I met at their facility, David bringing Doby from Straydog.

There are silhouettes of two Dobermans on the gate at Doberman Rescue of North Texas.

      David and I were greeted by a very nice volunteer, and we had good conversations about Doby with several of their volunteers/workers. Doby was walked over to a temporary kennel, and we continued to fill out paperwork and talk about our boy.

Doby gets help out of our van by Volunteer Charles, and Doby sees a look-a-like.

Volunteer Charles holds Doby's leash as Doby looks around while
Volunteer Chyanne begins the new arrival paperwork with us.

We call Juana to make sure that the Doberman rescue has everything correct on Doby's paperwork.

      Doberman Rescue is in a wooded neighborhood, set back off a gravel road. There are 4 acres of land with about 20 dogs at the facility (and various other rescued animals including horses and a zebra).

Close-up of rescued zebra (from a circus type exhibit of some sort).

      Other of the Doberman rescued dogs are in foster homes. We saw several potential adopters walking with the Dobermans in the large grassy area in front of the buildings. Volunteers were walking dogs and talking with the public. Several 3-4 month old Doberman mix puppies were in a puppy corral near the buildings.

Dobie-mix pups are up for adoption too.

      After checking Doby in and filling out the appropriate paperwork, David and I took a look at the large kennels in back and the large inside kennels.

Doby is taken to a small kennel near the buildings during his check-in process.

Two Dobermans in the back kennels say hi.

David sits with Volunteer Lorraine and Gracie.

The indoor kennels are being cleaned.


      The founder was in the process of training a Doberman, but I talked with her later, and we spoke about spaying/neutering and how that could sure help solve all of the problems with overpopulation of our canine and feline companion animals. She is on the Board of Directors of their city shelter in Grand Prairie and there are new rules going into effect regarding spay/neuter ordinances, that will surely help.

Founder Julie and some of the Dobermans.

The Doby rescue founder and others are training and working with some of the dogs.


      We know that Doby is in a great place. We heard back that he already has a family interested in him, but he needs to go through a vet appointment with their vet to try to find out the cause of his not gaining weight. Doby will have lots of opportunity to find a wonderful forever home through this rescue that knows this breed very well. Thank you so very, very much, Doberman Rescue!


A muzzled Doberman trots along loose in the large grassy area at Doberman Rescue.

Doberman artwork inside the office.

Flat screen inside the office with the dogs listed.

Some of the kennels in back.

The rescued Zebra and pony.

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