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Covering Events from 8 a.m. THURS thru 8 a.m. FRI - Friday, April 13, 2012 - Covering Events from 8 a.m. THURS thru 8 a.m. FRI

Juana reports ...      Edited and posted by Bill

You may click on the following Straydog Audio Report covering events from 8 a.m. Thursday through 8 a.m. Friday, and/or read the following transcription summary with photos:

Friday Morning Report - April 13, 2012 (12 min, 56 sec)
Juana and Bill talk about what happened Thursday at Straydog.


1. "Spring Cleaning" began today at Straydog: Winter Front Boards (to help block winter wind and cold) were taken off the shelter boxes, the old winter hay was taken out and bagged up for disposal, the insides of the shelters were swept out, and black widow spiders were searched for and killed. We had Lee, Sherri, Miguel, Lacie plus the volunteer help of my son, Roberto (who used to work for Straydog), working on our big spring cleaning project, and they got more than 50 kennels finished Thursday. There are only about eight or ten left to do. Wayne did all the caregiving rounds today and George did park walks so we got our regular routine finished plus the spring cleaning. We found and killed a lot of black widows in the corners of the shelter structures. Next step will be to wash and scrub all the dog houses.

James takes out one of the screws that holding this Winter Front Board in place.

Winter Front Boards are leaned up against the fence of the kennel each came out of, waiting to be taken
to the barn for storage. The boards have numbers so we can match them up with their shelters next fall.

James carries two of the big 4' x 8' Winter Front Boards toward the barn.

Sherri and Lacie pull hay out of the bottom half of a dog house, while Joe plays with a stick.

Lee takes the top half of a dog house out of the shelter.

Roberto takes a dog house apart and dumps the hay out of it.

Miguel (how Mike) and Roberto fill a garbage back with old winter hay.



2. Another snake was discovered early this morning (Friday) in Hanah's kennel, and Lee (our snake expert) said it was poisonous, so it had to be killed. Sherri checked all dogs carefully during park walks for any swelling or other indications of having been bitten, and everyone's okay.


3. Jackson and Lady-dog (kennel mates now living apart due to Lady's torn ACL) went to the park together again today, and each time we have to introduce them so they remember each other. It's cute to see how cautious they are at first. Now that Jackson has also been diagnosed with a torn ACL, I'm working on making room for him inside.

Lady and Jackson get acquainted all over again every day when they meet in the park.

The two old pals (who both now have torn ACLs) sniff around together.
Lady-dog has to stay on leash or she'll run full speed all over the park!


4. Travis and Jennie continue to do well together.

Jennie and Travis



5. Natasha, Aerial and Ozzy are doing well together now and having a great time in the same kennel and in the park. Natasha is, by example, teaching Ozzy and Aerial how to walk on a leash. They watch Natasha walk so nicely and are beginning to emulate her.

Natasha, Aerial and Ozzy spend time with Wayne during caregiving rounds.



6. Momma Belle is doing well and her puppies are little butter balls. Belle eats four or five times a day, and when she gets hungry, she stands at the gate and looks at me. I say, "Are you hungry, Momma?" and she wages her tail, so I go over there and feed her, and she eats every time I feed her.

Belle says, "Don't wake up the kids till I'm done with my snack, please!"

Then she goes back to her pups. Momma Belle is doing a good job.

Belle's puppies are napping.

Brown Pup close up.



7. We just found a big white bump or knot on Blind Mother Freckles' side by her hip, and we don't know what it is, so we will be taking her to the vet. It doesn't seem to be bothering her--no pain or anything, but we'll try to get an appointment for her today.

You can see the big sore/bump on Freckles' side next to her hip



8. A lot of Black Widow Spiders were found, but we can't check for them when the winter front boards are fastened in place because the openings are too small for (most of) us to get inside, and it's so dark inside, which is why the spiders like it--in addition to shelter from the weather.

Lacie is inside the shelter looking for and killing spiders while Sherri picks up a handful of hay.



9. ADOPTION DAY ROSTER: Pups Natasha, Aerial and Ozzy will be going to adoption day (even though we said yesterday it would be a couple of weeks before Aerial and Ozzy could go, but after spending yesterday and last night with Natasha, Aerial and Ozzy's behavior has improved a lot. As they observe Natasha, who has gone to many, many adoption days, we think now they will learn a lot. Also we have an application on Tuffy, but after talking with the woman who wanted him and hearing her situation, I suggested Pudgy might be a better fit (as she already has three dogs), and she agreed, so I suggested Pudgy, and she will bring her three dogs to Petsmart tomorrow (Saturday) to see how they do with Pudgy.


10. We'll be back again Saturday morning with a report on what happened the rest of Friday and early Saturday morning at Straydog.


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