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Covering Events from 8 a.m. SAT thru 8 a.m. SUN - Sunday, April 15, 2012 - Covering Events from 8 a.m. SAT thru 8 a.m. SUN

Juana reports ...      Edited and posted by Bill

You may click on the following Straydog Audio Report
and/or read the Transcription Summary with Photos,
which follows,
covering events from 8 a.m. Saturday (4/14/12) through 8 a.m. Sunday (4/15/12)

Sunday Morning Audio Report - April 15, 2012 (8 min, 41 sec)
Juana and Bill talk about what happened Saturday at Straydog.



1. Juana: Pudgy went to meet a woman who had been interested first in Tuffy, who wouldn't have been a good fit for her situation, so I suggested Pudgy, and the woman said she would be at Petsmart today with her other dogs. Natasha, Aerial and Ozzy went to Saturday Adoption Day to get more socialized since they've been doing so well living with Natasha, and we're still waiting on a report from Erin or David on how the dogs did. [Later report from Erin: Natasha, Aerial and Ozzy did well. It was a good idea that David brought the new rescues because they got more socialized. They were shy but did fine. They wagged their tails and were interested in people. They were timid but watched Natasha and liked being held too. Natasha had an application filled out by a college student who lives at home with an animal-loving family, but they have to have their other dogs fixed before we move forward. David reported: Natasha was good as always. Aerial and Ozzy were timid and a little scared. It helped them getting out with people. Aerial came out of her shell more than Ozzy. The woman wanting to see Pudgy was a no-show.]

Natasha, Aerial and Ozzy are in crates in the back of the van ready
to leave for Petsmart Plano's Straydog Adoption Day.

Pudge is ready for Adoption Day too.


Natasha is held by an Adoption Day Volunteer, who is the mother of Junior Volunteer Michael.

Junior Volunteer Alan lies down with Puppy Aerial.

Puppy Ozzy is a little scared.


2. Lady and Jackson, who both have torn ACLs in their knees, have been moved in to Hospital Two. Lady is in a crate because she's so rambunctious, but Jackson is in one of the bigger kennels because he is very laid-back. They go to Park Two together during potty breaks, and because Park Two is at the back corner of the shelter, they don't see as many other dogs, and Lady doesn't run, so she can be off leash along with Jackson. We are asking for help to get their surgeries (almost $3,000 each), and now that Stormy also has a torn ACL, we are also asking for help for her surgery. (No photos of Storm yesterday.)

Lady-dog walks around Park Two during an outing.

Lady and Jackson sniff the park grass together.



3. Scott and Kathy Chaney, who donated the huge commercial washer and dryer to Straydog (for which we thank them very much!) came to visit Straydog again Saturday morning. They want to help us with fundraising, and we'll be talking more with them about this. They got to see Belle and her puppies and all the dogs in Hospital One, and then we went over to Hospital Two, where they got to see where we've located their donated washer and dryer along with all the dogs of H2. We told them how with the new washer and dryer our overnight people can do in three hours what used to take them about 10 hours using our small residential washer and dryer. Again, we thank them so very much for this huge gift. At the end of their visit they also gave us a very nice donation, and again we thank the Chaneys very, very much.

Kathy and Scott Chaney visit Straydog Saturday morning.



5. Bobby continues not doing very well at all. As it gets harder and harder to find something that he will eat, we can see that he's probably not going to hang on much longer. When the dogs no longer enjoy their food and no longer enjoy going to the park or doing much of anything, we realize it's a sign that they are getting ready to let go. Poor old Scottie is also nearing his time.

Bobby-boy spends a lot of his time under his shelter. He's not looking good.



6. Mario and Judy are great for having their pictures taken. They smile and pose for the camera. They are both sweethearts and live together in perfect harmony. We're trying to find a forever home for Judy because she really loves people. She's a little rambunctious, but she's a good girl. Mario, on the other hand, who is a good boy and does well with us at Straydog, does snap at strangers and barks at new people he doesn't know, so we don't take the risk of taking him to Adoption Day.

Once you get to know Mario, he's a wonderful dog, but he's not friendly
to strangers and therefore doesn't attend Adoption Day. He is still, of
course, up for adoption and will hopefully find the right individual or
family who would also like some great protection for their home.

Judy is a people lover!


7. Lindsey is skittish with new people, but my Uncle Miguel is getting to know her well, and she is accepting him when he comes into her kennel.

Lindsey comes to Miguel during caregiving rounds.


8. Lacey just called from Straydog saying the rain was starting up. We're supposed to have storms with possible tornadoes this afternoon (Sunday). Lacie said that Mother Belle is very nervous and is growling at people and at the other dogs in H1 (trying to protect her puppies), as she hears the distant thunder. Rowdy is acting strange too, and Bunny, Terry and Alice are getting upset, knowing the storm is coming.


9. Back to Saturday's report: Bailey and Ike continue being best buddies. Bailey enjoys going out to Ike's kennel in the early morning, where they run and play and lie around in the sun and shade until it gets too warm outside, around 11:30 or noon. Then after their outing in the park, we take Bailey back to his H2 kennel inside, where he stays, has his p.m. meal and then sleeps and spends the rest of the afternoon and night inside till the next morning when he goes back out to be with Ike.

Bailey and Ike enjoy their time together in the mornings outside in Ike's kennel.



10. Joey and Brownie are very cute at caregiving time, and they know how to sit and wait for their cookies.

Joey and Brownie sit and look up at Caregiver Wayne, who's about to give them their treats.



11. Soulie and Luis, who are usually very rambunctious, also know how to sit and wait patiently for their cookies.



12. Blondie loves playing ball, and we got a good photo of her with her ball in her mouth waiting for Miguel to throw the ball for her to fetch.

Blondie holds her tennis ball in her mouth waiting for Miguel to give her a throw.


13. Jazzie is another tennis ball player, and we snapped a good photo of Caregiver Wayne throwing Jazzie the ball in her and Luigi's big kennel. Luigi was more interested in standing by the picture taker (me, Juana).

Jazzie chases the tennis ball Caregiver Wayne has just tossed across the kennel.

Luigi doesn't care for ball playing, but he does care for Camera-Person Juana.

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