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Covering Events from 8 a.m. SUN thru 8 a.m. MON - Monday, April 16, 2012 - Covering Events from 8 a.m. SUN thru 8 a.m. MON

     Lacie reports ...     Transcription Summary and posting by Bill

You may click on the following Straydog Audio Report
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covering events from 8 a.m. Sunday (4/15/12) through 8 a.m. Monday (4/16/12)

Monday Morning Audio Report - April 16, 2012 (3 min, 45 sec)
Lacie and Bill talk about what happened Sunday at Straydog.



1. Lacie: Sunday started off nice but chilly and then around 10 a.m. it started raining, so I hurried up and walled all the hospital dogs before it got worse. Then we started feeding an hour or so early before the big storm with thunder and lightning hit around one p.m., and it rained and stormed the rest of the afternoon. But at least we didn't have any tornadoes (as the weathermen had predicted), so we were all safe, but storms mess up our schedule. But everybody got fed and everybody ate.

The storm is approaching from the southwest.

During the storm Caregiver Lee mops the floor in the kennel feeding office.

Caregiver Rhonda plays with Noble on the covered deck just outside Hospital One.



2. Bobby didn't do too good Sunday. At the six a.m. breakfast he didn't want to eat at all. Then at afternoon feeding he didn't want to eat either. And he keeps getting stuck underneath his shelter. His legs aren't strong enough for him to get himself up out of there, so we have have to pull on him to help him out, and then we have to stand him up, because he can hardly stand up alone anymore. Finally I got Bobby to eat a wiener and a piece of bologna, but that's all he would eat, and he's not looking good. His back legs just don't want to go anymore.

Bobby lies on the sandy dirt floor of his kennel looking
over at Snowball, who's about 10 feet away from him.

Snowball looks over at old Bobby-boy.



3. When Lindsey was in the park with Caregiver Rhonda, Rhonda noticed a circular spot that was really read and looked like ringworm, so we'll have to take her to the vet. Rhonda said that she's had two cases of ringworm in the last couple of weeks at her pet grooming shop. We just hope we don't get it here again this year because it gets really expensive and is very difficult to deal with if we get a widespread outbreak of it.

Lindsey is always ready for action standing looking out through her kennel fence.


4. This morning (Monday) Freckles is going to the clinic to have that tumor removed from her leg near her hip. Hopefully her surgery will go well and it's not a malignant tumor.


5. The diarrhea problem we had with several dogs is finally gone, all cleared up, so that's good, there's not much else to report as the rain and storms kind of slowed down today, and we just got through our normal routine.


6. Juana's daughter Lucy accompanied Lacie to work at Straydog Sunday morning, and she helped out all day long, especially caring for Belle's tiny babies.

Lucy holds one of Belle's puppies.

Mother Belle feeds her pups.

Some of the pups have learned to push against the wall to get closer to their mother.


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