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Covering Events from 8 a.m. MON - 8 a.m. TUE - Tuesday, April 17, 2012 - Covering Events from 8 a.m. MON - 8 a.m. TUE

     Lacie reports ...     Transcription Summary and posting by Bill

You may click on the following Straydog Audio Report
and/or read the Transcription Summary with Photos,
which follows,
covering events from 8 a.m. Monday (4/16/12) through 8 a.m. Tuesday (4/17/12)

Tuesday Morning Audio Report - April 17, 2012 (8 min, 29 sec)
Lacie and Bill talk about what happened Monday at Straydog.




1. Yesterday (Monday) was a nice, sunny day with temperatures in the mid 70s. It was a lot nicer than all the rain and storming we had Sunday.


2. Several dogs went to the clinic Monday morning for 8:30 appointments. Blind Mother Freckles was scheduled to have that tumor (which looks like cancer to Dr. Terry) removed from her leg, so she couldn't have food or water after midnight Sunday night. The tumor was removed Monday morning and it was sent off to the lab. Hopefully it's not cancer, and if it is, hopefully the doctor got it all. Later in the afternoon James went to pick up Freckles and bring her home to Straydog. When she got back, she ate her p.m. meal and we put her in a crate in Hospital Two. She has stitches on her leg closing the incision, and she's wearing an E-collar. She doesn't really like Hospital Two. She really likes to be in her familiar outside kennel with her son, Leo, and usually she comes inside only when there's weed-eating or mowing going on, which really scares Freckles.

Blind Mother Freckles is ready to go to the clinic for her surgery.


3. Amy also went to the vet this morning to have her ears rechecked for chronic infections, which are back again. She had gone two weeks ago for the same problem, and we have been administering medicated ear drops prescribed by Dr. Terry, but her ears are not any better, Dr. Terry said after examining Amy yesterday morning, and the doctor thinks her ear problems may be caused by allergies, probably due to something in her food. Dr. Terry has now put Amy on a diet of prescribed Purina HA (hyper allergenic) dog food that only the vets sell. (Sydney, who's been adopted, ate this HA food, which cleared up her chronic bloody stool.) I was afraid Amy wouldn't like this HA diet because she's usually a very picky eater, but she ate it and is supposed to stay on it for two weeks and then go back to the clinic for a follow-up visit. She's not supposed to have any snacks or treats or anything other than the HA.

Dr. Terry examines Amy's ear.

Vet Tech Sabra applies medicine to Amy's infected ear.


4. Lindsey went to the clinic to have the doctor check a spot on her foot that looked like ringworm fungus, but it wasn't ringworm. Dr. Terry said it looked like a little infected sore, so she prescribed Animax ointment to clear it up. Thank goodness it wasn't ringworm!

Lindsey, Amy and Ike in crates in the back of the van.


5. Ike went to the clinic yesterday for his fifth mange dip, so he's almost done. He has one more dip to go two weeks from now, and then he'll be ready to attend Adoption Day.


6. Exciting news: Some of Belle's puppies have their eyes open.


7. Bobby is not doing so good. We're having a lot of difficulty getting Bobby to eat his food and take his medicine. We're having to squirt his meds mixed with water down his throat with an oral syringe, and he's not getting it all because he tries to spit some of it out, and he gets very upset when we have to do this. He won't eat anything but wieners and cooked dog food patties, grilled on a George Foreman grill. But he really only will eat wieners. Bobby's really having a hard time.

Bobby has dog a big ol' scoopy hole under his shelter to lie in as he tries to stay cool.


8. Champ doesn't seem to be feeling so good. It's like he's in pain because he's been shaking a lot. He's always shaken a lot, but it's worse now. His back leg with the torn Achilles tendon is giving him problems. He has a hard time getting up on his feet, and then he's limping a lot. Champ is still eating well, and that's a positive sign.

Old Champ loves special attention from Lacie.


9. Scottie is not doing very good either. He's been going down hill for a while now. He's just an old, old guy. For a long time now we've been feeding Scottie just whatever we can get him to eat. Yesterday he didn't even want to get up, and I had to carry him out to the park (Park Two behind H2). And this is not like Scottie, who never liked to be touched or messed with at all, but not he lets me pick him up and carry him. He often seems confused, and we can tell his time is near. It's very sad.

Scottie's just an old, old guy.


10. So far this morning, Tuesday, Belle hasn't been wanting to feed her puppies as much as she was. She's been staying away from them, outside a lot. I checked her breasts, and they felt hard and hot, and she has little blisters on them. I called Dr. Terry and she said to put hot cloths on Belle's breasts, and we have to milk her breasts because she's getting mastitis (inflammation of the breast). Then we have to bottle-feed that milk to the puppies. We have be sure Belle's milk keeps flowing so she will keep producing milk. Mastitis makes the milk hard so it won't come out (which is uncomfortable for the mother and that's why she was staying away from her babies), so Juana and I are about to go to work on that. [To be continued in the Wednesday Morning Report.]

Nursing Mother Belle has developed mastitis (inflammation of the breasts).
Lacie is getting ready to treat Belle's condition, which is explained in Paragraph 10.


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