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Friday, May 25, 2012

     Juana reports ...     Edited and posted by Bill


You may click on the following Straydog Audio Report and/or
read the following brief summarization. Photos still to be posted.

Friday Morning, May 25, 2012 (8 min, 27 sec, recorded ~8:30 a.m.)
Juana and Bill talk about what happened
Thursday and so far Friday Morning at Straydog.



(1) We got a lot of grooming done today. Lacie and Sherri have learned a lot from volunteer groomer, Whitney, who came to visit us and teach us Tuesday. In one lesson, along with the use of Whitney's dog clippers, which she lent to us to use for a few days, Lacie and Sherri have learned a lot. (We had been using human clippers, and they don't work nearly as well on the coarse and thick hair of many dogs.)

(2) Lacie and Sherri groomed Jackson, who looks really good, and Reggie was ready to be shaved after his bath of a couple of days ago. After his grooming (shaving) he really looks good--as if I'd taken him to a professional groomer. And now we can more easily doctor the sores Reggie has on his belly area.

(3) Rosita got a bath, which she did not enjoy, and then Lacie and Sherri trimmed all the spiky hairs (like Terrier have), and she looks awesome! During her grooming, Rosita got a little upset and tried to bite the girls, and Roberto came to help hold her, and they had to muzzle her. When I went to see how Rosita was doing, she seemed to say, "Save me, Momma!" She was kissing me and wanting me to take her out of there.

(4) Then it was time for Benji and Peanut, and they got a trim and look very good. They didn't like the clippers, but they look very, very good.

Because of those borrowed dog clippers (which cost about $250) Lacie and Sherri groomed five or six dogs today, and they look awesome. We can save a lot of money doing the grooming ourselves!

(5) Sam is doing well in one of the temp kennels by the park. He gets on top of his dog house and looks over to the park, and he is very interested in all the dogs who go by him who go to the park. He's being a very good dog in this kennel. He's not jumping or digging, and he's having a very good time. (He had been in Tucker's extra secure kennel in a far corner of our Straydog Campus because we couldn't stop him from escaping.) He's much happier now in is new kennel by the park. Sam's a boxer mix more than pit bull.

(6) James and Roberto put up more tarps. Roberto spent the first part of the morning doing kennels for Sherri so she could learn how to groom with Lacie. Then Roberto helped James put up the rest of the tarps, which takes a lot of measuring and cutting and stretching and tying down very tight so they will not blow away in the first high winds we get often here.

(7) During Caregiving Rounds the crew got a lot of brushing done, and we got the dogs with winter undercoats brushed out well as the undercoats come out easy now with the temperatures getting hotter every day. We also got a lot of watering down done.

(8) During the overnight (Thursday night/Friday morning) we had some escape artists at work: Luis and Soulie tried to dig out, but overnight person, Brandy, caught them, got some bricks and filled in the hole. Also Tye and Naomi dug out and ripped their fence along the bottom, and Brandy took care of that situation. James is at Tractor Supply right now (this morning) getting stuff to repair their damage. Naomi got out again this morning after breakfast, and Tye almost got out, so they're in crates in the Kennel Feeding Office until their kennel is repaired.

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