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Monday, May 28, 2012

     Lacie reports ...        Edited and posted by Bill

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Monday Morning, May 28, 2012 (7 min, 25 sec, recorded ~10 a.m.)
Lacie and Bill talk about what happened
Sunday and so far Monday Morning at Straydog.



Lee comforts Sam. He still isn't feeling very good. He did not want to eat his morning meal or his afternoon meal either. Lacie made his food soupy by putting water in it and he ate all of the soupy part but left everything else. Tina reported that Sam ate some of it later after it was all mushy so he is hungry. When Lacie tried to check out his mouth to see if anything was wrong he jerked away as if it was hurting. Something is going on in his mouth We will have to take him for a vet visit and see what the problem is.

Belle does not seem to be feeling as good as she has been. When she goes outside she has been digging out so we have to moniter her potty breaks so she doesn't get loose.

Anthony wasn't doing too good today because of a stomach ache and bad diarrhea.
He did eat his meal but you can
tell he just isn't himself.

Lucy comforts Anthony

Reggie seems to have his eye ulcer coming back. He's running into things again and his eye is getting all goopy like it did in the past. We will need to take him for a vet visit too.

Lucy helped give Pokie a bath today. He did not like this at all but afterwards he was so fluffy and pretty and ready for the grooming he's going to get on Tuesday.

Squirrel seems to have adopted Pepper. She mothers him like he was her own.

Squirrel has Pepper all clean now.

Squirrel is guarding "her new baby" Pepper. If anyone comes close to
the chair, Squirrel will growl, warning them to keep away from Pepper.

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