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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Juana's audio report ...    David's pix and captions ...   Posted by Bill

Please click on the following audio report and/or simply view the accompanying photos with captions:

Sunday Morning, June 3, 2012 (15 min, 6 sec, recorded ~12:01 a.m.)
Juana and Bill talk about what happened
Saturday at Straydog.


David Ford brings Pepper back from Morton clinic Saturday morning.

Juana is very happy to see Puppy Pepper, who is doing fine.

The Hospital One gang see that Pepper is back.

Pepper is welcomed back home from the clinic with lots of sniffs from the Hospital One Gang.

Pepper eats his meal.

Pepper seems to feel better and is glad to be back home.


Puppy Pepper came home today. He stayed at the clinic Friday, but by Friday night he was feeling better. Dr. James Morton texted Juana letting her know that he was ready to go home Saturday morning. David Ford made his first trip to Morton Clinic and picked up Pepper. When they arrived the Chihuahua gang was at the gate ready to give Pepper a welcome home. Squirrel was especially excited to see "her new baby" back, and she was pacing back and forth. Pepper ate his dinner and seems a little skinny, but he is eating well. The vet sent home some antibiotics and some Cerenia for vomiting, just in case. Dr James did do blood work which was normal, and he also did a fecal which was negative and a Parvo test which was negative as well. But just to be on the safe side the doctor sent home the antibiotics.



Sam went to the vet on Friday too, and is doing well. He's eating his Pedigree canned food and is still liking
his new kennel. There is nothing wrong with his mouth, so we will just watch him from day to day.


Lee and Heidi are in the kennel where Belle's puppies used to be. This is next to Big Boy, Purtis and Rosita.
Lee and Heidi like it there, and they bark and bark and bark as they watch everything going on in the park.



We finally have some pictures of Pup Wayne and Pup David in the park.

Big Pups Wayne and David are out of quarantine and are running around and loving the park again. Wayne does, however, have a hot spot, but thank goodness it's not ringworm. This year we are having a lot of dogs coming up with hot spots. We don't know why but we will take these over the ringworm any day. Hot spots are so much easier to treat.


Belle's puppies in their new bigger kennel.


Another thing we did was to move Belle's puppies to the big kennel where Tipper used to be. They get to see all the dogs walk by their kennel on their way to the park. The pups really love their new kennel.


Embry and Delilah look at the puppies

Embry hugs Caregiver Wayne.

Embry and Delilah are neighbors to the puppies. They can see the puppies running all over their kennel, and they seem to like them. We saw Delilah limping a little, and there was some bleeding on on of her toes. It appears she has torn off one of her toenails, but it's not infected, and it is not slowing her down, so we will keep an eye on it.


New rescues, Sonny and Cher.

Sonny is the black male. He looks like he might be a pure bred lab. He's very cute and very sweet. Cher is the Basset Hound mix and she has that loud deep hound voice. They are both very sweet and should not have a problem finding a home (though we say that about almost all of our dogs). Sonny and Cher are in quarantine, and they have been wormed, so they should be ready to go to the park soon.


Look at Honey and Friendly trying to get a look thru the fence at their new
neighbors. Friendly tore off
some of the tarp so they could see better.


Junior also wants a look at the new arrivals.


Storm at the fence in the H2 park.

Stormy is waiting to get her TPLO knee surgery. She's limping a lot on that back leg but doing pretty good. She misses Thunder but she needs to remain confined and rest. Hopefully with your help, dear contributors, we will soon have the funds to get her, and Jackson, who also has a torn ACL, their much needed surgeries, which are about three thousand dollars each, and that is with a good discount from the DVSC.


Betsy slowly climbs the ramp from Park Two up to the back door of Hospital Two.

Betsy is doing well but she has a new knot on her bad foreleg that gets infected over and over again. This is the same leg Dr. Morton removed a pen from some years back and ever since then this infection comes back. Betsy's tough and keeps going just like her mom, Trixie, used too. She's not ready to give up yet.


George and Lisa say "Come on and watch watch us play!"

"I love running around the park," says Lisa-Lisa.

"I love running around the park too," says George.

Lisa looks so happy

Amazingly, Lisa has made another comeback. She's been doing very well lately. Maybe it was Scottie, who was sick and dying, that was depressing her. She is doing good with George (George used to be Geo, who was recently returned to Straydog). We do not leave them in the same kennel because George is so big and rambunctious. They live in separate kennels in H2 but go to the park together and like this together time very much. Lisa is running around acting like a puppy, her ears are perked up and she seems very happy. And George is loving it too with the weather being so nice and pretty. So Lisa has a new boyfriend who has perked her up a lot and the two of them enjoy each other very much.


Bailey and Ike

The tumor on Bailey's leg does not look good. It's just keeps growing and growing, but he's hanging in there. He got some good brushing from Sherri in the park today. And Ike, he is so pretty. David Rentz received a phone call this morning from a lady who had met him at adoption day last week, who is interested in adopting Ike. We will take him to Petsmart next week and introduce him to her dog. It sounds like Ike could possibly have a home.


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