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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lacie's audio report ...    David's transcription, pix and captions ...   Posted by Bill

Please click on the following audio report and/or simply view the transcription summary with accompanying photos with captions:

Tuesday Morning, June 5, 2012 (4 min, 36 sec, recorded ~11 a.m.)
Lacie and Bill talk about what happened
Monday and so far Tuesday at Straydog.

Transcription Summary of Lacie's audio report:

      Dolly was suppose to go the the vet today if her face looked worse. Friday it was swollen and infected from having her teeth pulled last week. Since it her face was better today, we did not take her, but we are keeping her on the antibiotics and pain medicine and will keep an eye on her and see how she does.

      George did the walks today while the caregivers did a lot of caregiving and watering down of the kennels. All the dogs seemed so happy and enjoyed being loved on.

George walks Brownie and Joe back to their kennel after their park time

David Ford caregives Newly

And Festus too


Blondie has her ball in her mouth ready to play toss and retrieve.

      Blondie was so funny today. While Lacie was out taking pictures she kept bringing her ball to the fence wanting her to play. She was barking and barking at Lacie just wanting her attention so David Ford went over and played with her for awhile.


Tallie enjoyed some of the day outside.

      Tallie can't go out when it's sunny because she's so light colored and has skin problems. She will get burned if she stays out in the sun too long. Since it was cloudy today, we put her in the temp kennel outside H2 which she really liked it a lot. She watched everything going on, was up and wagging her tail. She was happy.


Belle got to spend some time outdoors today too

Belle and Sam were in kennels next to each other.

Sam says, "Can Belle be my kennel mate?"


      Belle got to spend some time up front in the temp kennel today. This morning when Lacie was taking Anthony out for his walk Belle was all hyper, pouncing around and barking and wanting to play. Lacie put her outside in the temp kennel next to Sam. Sam started digging and trying to get over to Belle to be with her. Sam likes other dogs, and Belle likes other dogs too. These two need to be introduced as they probably would get along real good together. They both need a kennel mate too.


Noble is doing good with his insulin and his eye is all better.

      He's back to his normal self again, running around playing with the gang. There are now nine dogs in the H1 gang.


Yoda and Sarah are in Bobby's old kennel with Snowball,
and the three are all still doing well together.

      Tina call Lacie Sunday night saying Yoda had a really bad cough. Lacie told Tina to give Yoda some Tussin and keep an eye on her. Tina reported that this helped some and that he didn't cough as much throughout the night. He did start coughing again in the morning, so we gave him some more Tussin. This helped again during the day, and Brandy reported that last night Yoda only coughed a little bit. Hopefully the Tussin is helping.


Farah who used to be our sweet kitty has now gotten to be a feisty little kitty.


      We don't know what happened to her. She used to purr and just loved being loved on. Now she likes to bite and scratch. She's playing, but playing rough. We are going to have to work with her because she is not being very nice.

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