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Sunday Morning, June 17, 2012

Juana's audio report    Bill's transcription    David's pix and captions

Please click on the following audio report and/or simply view the transcription summary below with accompanying photos with captions:

Sunday Morning, June 17, 2012 (10 min, 52 sec, recorded ~10 a.m.)
Juana and Bill talk about what happened
Saturday at Straydog.

Transcription Summary of Juana's Sunday Morning Audio Report covering Saturday, June 16, 2012:


      Juana starts off saying "Happy Fathers' Day" to Bill and all fathers.

      Saturday was a good day with no emergencies or vet trips. We did have our regular Saturday Adoption Day and David Rentz took Archie, Natasha and three of Belle's 10-week-old pups. Bill took pictures of David and Sherri and me getting the dogs from their kennels and into the van.


Juana holds Archie while David slips a collar on him to take him to Adoption Day.

David goes to Jenny and Natasha's kennel to pick up Natasha.

Natasha is excited to go to Petsmart Plano East.

Juana picks out three of Belle's puppies to go to Adoption Day.

Juana holds the gate open a little bit so Sherri can reach in to get one more pup.

They finally get one white pup, one black pup and one brown pup in the entry gate.

Juana dips her shoes in a bleach bucket as the pups are still in quarantine.

The three pups are carried to the van.

Natasha's in the crate on the left, 3 pups in the middle and Archie in the little crate on the right.

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Audio Report of SUNDAY MORNING, June 17, 2012.