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Monday Morning, June 18, 2012

Lacie's audio report    Bill's transcription    David's pix and captions

Please click on the following audio report and/or simply view the transcription summary below with accompanying photos with captions:

Monday Morning, June 18, 2012 (5 min, 53 sec, recorded ~10 a.m.)
Lacie and Bill talk about what happened
Sunday at Straydog.

Transcription Summary of Lacie's Monday Morning Audio Report
covering the events at Straydog of Sunday, June 17, 2012:

      Visitors who met our Special Events Team at the Edom Art Festival last year, Ann and John, arrived at Straydog at about 9:30 a.m. with lots of goodies (big cases of canned cat food, two big boxes of Milk Bones, some dog beds, a couple of dog houses, some cat litter, and other stuff we can use. They wanted a tour of the shelter, so Linda and David came down, and we took them on a tour of the entire campus, and they really enjoyed it and liked our shelter. Ann wanted to go into Belle's puppies' kennel to play with the puppies, and she really liked them and said they were cute, and we walked around and petted lots of (if not all of) the dogs at Straydog. These very nice visitors stayed more than two hours and really enjoyed seeing all of our shelter. I want to thank the crew for helping me get caught up with all my chores after our visitors left.

Ann says hi to Sarah, Yoda and Snowball.

Blondie enjoys Ann's attention.

Shep, Beauty and Ranger welcome Ann at the fence.

Belle's puppies are excited to see Ann.

Ann and Lacie play with the puppies.

The puppies try to talk Robert into coming in to play too.

Robert, Ann and Lacie stop for a picture during the tour.


      Little Kitty Farah, who was spayed last Tuesday, is doing fine. Her incision is all healed up, and she'll be ready to go to Adoption Day now. She's had her leukemia test (negative) and all her kitty shots, so she's ready to find a good home.

Farah rests in her outside kennel. She loves it out there.


      Blondie had a really good time playing ball with Miguel today, and he gave her a good belly rub. Tobi, Blondie's kennel mate, looks a lot cooler after having been shaved down Thursday. He's more active now that his real thick undercoating of hair is gone. He used to spend most of his time (during the summer) lying around in the shade, but today he was up running around and playing and looks like he feels a lot better after his haircut.

Blondie begs Miguel to throw the ball again.

Tobi (yes, that's Tobi sporting his new haircut) watches Blondie and Miguel play


      Skylar had a very bad hotspot that was bleeding when George had him in the park today, so I went to the park and George and I cleaned it up and doctored it with Sulfodene. Skylar's a short-haired dog, but he gets more and worse hot spots than any of our other dogs.

Skylar's park time is up, but it looks like he wants to stay a little longer.


      Sonny, Cher and Ike are doing well in Ike's kennel, which means that Bailey doesn't get to go out to visit Ike, but it's getting too hot for Bailey to be outside anyway now. But Ike's having a blast with Sonny and Cher, all three of them running around playing together.


Sonny and Cher along with Ike at the fence.


      Cindy Lou was being chased around and swoop-attacked by a Mockingbird today, Lee announced as he was watering down Cindy and Jessie's kennel. Then another Mockingbird began swooping down trying to scare Cindy Lou. The two birds have their nest in a tree in Cindy's kennel. Cindy's not happy about this, and it's not going to be good when the babies get big enough to start falling out of the nest.

Lee looks up at the tree where the bird's nest is in Cindy and Jessie's kennel.


      Hospital One Gang spends some more time in Benji and Peanut's kennel. Archie and Hitch were both mad at me and would not even take a cookie. Every time I walked by that kennel, Archie looked like he was going to just die out there in the heat. (Bill adds that there is a cute photo posted of all of them out there Saturday.) They were not happy but when all nine of them are running around loose in Hospital One, it's a big giant mess.

Archie, one of the most notorious of the H1 Gang, wants to go back inside.


      Shelby, our new part-time helper came Sunday afternoon to help me water down after the crew left for the day, and she not only watered, but gave the dogs extra caregiving (including extra cookies), so this is working out well.


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