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Monday, July 2, 2012

Juana's audio report    Bill's transcription    David's pix and captions

Please click on the following audio report and/or simply view the transcription summary below with accompanying photos with captions (to come):


Monday Evening, July 2, 2012 (14 min, 13 sec)
Juana and Bill talk about what happened
Monday at Straydog.


A Note from Bill plus Transcription Summary (to come) of Juana's Monday Evening Audio Report
covering today's events at Straydog:



A Note from Bill (7/2/12) ... This evening we couldn't get to our audio reports of yesterday and today, because Juana and I had to spend the day in Dallas at the Animal Diagnostic Center on Trinity Mills Road at the Dallas North Tollway. We left Straydog at 8:30 and arrived late for our 10 a.m. appointment due to a stalled 18-wheeler in the middle lane of West Bound 635, and when we got to the clinic, we still had to fill out a bunch of paper work on both Yoda and Little Bear, who were making the trip to have a specialist diagnose their problems. We took Yoda in first and left Little Bear in a crate in the van with the windows open. Outside temperatures were still in the 80s, and there was a wind blowing. (We went back to get Little Bear in less than 30 minutes, and he was fine.) We encountered our wonderful Adoption Day Volunteer David Bonski there with his doggie, and he was still filling out paper work when they took us back to Exam Room 2.

If you've been listening to the recent audio reports (which document everything that goes on at Straydog), you'll already know that Yoda stopped eating last week, and we took him to Morton Clinic to find out what was wrong. Dr. James (Morton) ran blood work, which showed everything normal except that his white blood cell count was elevated. The doctor did x-rays, but saw nothing wrong. Yoda stayed at the clinic a few days because his white blood cell count kept elevating more for no apparent reason. Dr. James M. suggested the we take Yoda to the Animal Diagnostic Center, and he emailed them all the records, and we set up an appointment for today. After all kinds of tests (which cost over $600, even after the doctor graciously discounted at least a thousand dollars: the blood tests that they have to send off to a lab, the vet visit expense, the sonogram, and several other things) the doctor came up with the recommendation that we should keep treating Yoda with antibiotics and wait a few weeks and see how he does. He acts normal. He's eating again, and the doctor's thinking there was a problem of some kind that hasn't quite cured itself. So we continue with the meds and bring Yoda back to see Dr. Porterpan again in two weeks.


Little Bear had to go to the diagnostic center (as you may already know from the audio reports) because he began losing his appetite several days ago. He's usually a very good (and even aggressive eater as we have to wait till he's totally done eating and has walked away from his bowl before we pick up his bowl).

The doctor did a thorough sonogram on Little Bear and found a mass that didn't look or seem like cancer, especially after she aspirated it and all that came out was fatty stuff.

So Dr. Porterpan suggests that we have Morton Clinic do the exploratory surgery to see what the mass is (sending off biopsy samples to the lab), and while in there fix a hernia Little Bear has had for a long time. We got back from Dallas about 4 p.m., and there was still so much more stuff to do that we couldn't record our audio reports.


Transcription Summary with photos to come.


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