Shelley Woodburn's

Friends of Straydog


has been mailed!

Check out, the site of Uptown Realtors, who have underwritten the Friends of Straydog Newsletter.


Friends of Straydog

We continue to give a special thanks to Shelley Woodburn and her recently founded organization, Friends of Straydog, for doing all that they are doing to help our shelter. Shelley and her husband, Joel, along with a group of other wonderful, doggie-loving people, are trying to help us find good homes for our many furry friends and are also trying to help us continue to raise funds to keep our shelter going. For a copy of the latest Friends of Straydog Newsletter send us your name and address. We encourage all of our regular contributors to contact Friends of Straydog with any ideas or suggestions or offers to volunteer: E-MAIL: or FIRST CLASS MAIL: Friends of Straydog, PMB #213, 2220 Coit Road, Suite 480, Plano, Texas 75075.