Donations to Straydog are very welcome!

Gordo went to Adoption Day to help Tina out, and he took care of Shawna and the Donations Jar.

"Nothin' yet, Bill," Gordo told me when I asked him how full the jar was.

Straydog is in red,

our Daily Operations Fund is running low.




Straydog Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt
Non-Profit Corporation


To make a donation to Straydog,

our Happy Home for Strays,

you may mail a check to:


Straydog Inc.
P.O. Box 1465
Gun Barrel City, Texas 75147



We now have the capability to take

Visa, Master Card and Discover Card

donations over the phone or by email.

You may Call us at 903-479-3497 or

Email the info to:


Another way to donate directly is via the Internet at

Using a credit card (or your checking account)

you may donate via

the Internet service PayPal. Please go to

and click on "Send Money" to send a donation

from your email address to our email address:

We thank you very much!



Donating via the Internet directly is easy

     Special thanks to those who have already called in and/or emailed in credit/debit card donations. All we have to have is:

(1) the credit card number,

(2) the name on the card,

(3) the expiration date, and

(4) the billing address.

     It is really simple, and we don't pay a very high fee for this Internet credit card service. After I go to the credit card service website, I type in the Straydog Inc. password, and once in their site, I plug in the information the contributor has given to me, and the Internet credit card people transfer the donation into Straydog's bank account, which is Straydog's operating fund. Thanks to everyone who is helping us!





Here's some info from PayPal about PayPal:

PayPal lets you pay anyone with an email address and is the world's #1 online payment service -- it's accepted on over 3 million eBay (TM) auctions and thousands of online shops. You can also use PayPal to pay your friends; it's a convenient way to split the phone bill with your roommate or send cash to someone in another country.

When you send money through PayPal, you can fund your payments with your credit card or checking account. You won't have to worry about your privacy, because PayPal keeps your account information safe. Making a purchase with PayPal is more secure than mailing a check or giving your credit card number to a stranger. That's why over 10 million people from around the world use PayPal to move money.

Signing up for a PayPal account is easy. It only takes a couple of minutes, and if you complete the bonus requirements PayPal will automatically add $5 to your account balance. To learn more about PayPal, visit their website at:


"Best of the Web"
- Forbes

"Using the service is actually safer than a check or money order."
- Wall Street Journal

"PayPal can play a major role in your life. You can use it to pay for stuff at auction sites, settle dinner debts with friends or nudge your cousin to repay that $50 he borrowed at the family reunion."
- Time

We are always in need of
funding at Straydog!

[The following was originally written on 12/08/03:]

We are starting to get good response to this message from our regular contributors who regularly read our website updates along with new contributors, a lot of whom have phoned in and/or emailed in credit card donations. All of the December 2003 newsletters are in the mail, and hopefully within a week [from 12/8/03] we should be alright (financially) for a couple of months. It's expensive running a no-kill shelter the way Pat Arnold insisted it be run, though our expenses per dog average much less than many shelters and sanctuaries.How so? Because (1) the dogs live outdoors in hay-filled dog houses inside plywood box shelters (i.e., no heated and air-conditioned kennel building(s)); (2) I, Bill Arnold, co-founder and now manager of Straydog Inc., receive no pay; (3) as of 12/1/03 we pay our eight wonderful and extremely dedicated caregiver/kennel helpers wages averaging a little less than $7.63 per hour and they each work only 40 hours per week. ... Straydog does spend a lot of money on medical care. And we are very grateful to Gayle and her husband, Jim, for donating the funds to pay Ojay's ear surgery bills. ... We believe that if a rescued dog can be brought back to normal health, including repairing broken legs, etc., we ought to do it. We ought to fix them. And we do. Somehow Pat always took care of every medical situation, and we somehow found the money by somehow reaching people who could help us, and we will continue to seek to find the necessary finances to help all the dogs who are in our care.



  If you would like to help with our ever-growing vet bills, donations can be sent directly to:

Morton Small Animal Clinic

1404 E. Tyler Street

Athens, Texas 75751

Reeves Veterinary Clinic

2101 S. Southeast Loop 323

Tyler, Texas 75701


or you may send a donation directly to our operations fund:

Straydog Inc., P.O. Box 1465, Gun Barrel City, Tx. 75147

We thank you very much for your help and continued support.


A contributor emailed us suggesting we put the following line on our website:

"Please turn some of
your tax reduction
into a tax deduction!"

Straydog Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Non-Profit Corporation - DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE


A Note from Pat from autumn 2002 ... A long-time friend and supporter of our Happy Home for Strays called recently and suggested that we always print the following words on our webpage and in our newsletters:

"Please keep us in your prayers and remember us in your will."

Our friend (and supporter) pointed out that many retired contributors are living on the limited earnings from their investments (as is he), and they cannot afford to send very large donations but would be able to help us by remembering Straydog Inc. in their wills, as this friend and supporter has done.

Sponsors of Straydog Inc.

You can support Straydog by visiting our sponsors.



Another way to contribute to Straydog Inc.

Straydog is signed up at this shopping website. All potential donors have to do is go to this site, register and list Straydog as their charity, then every time they shop online with the merchandisers that participate (and there are hundreds of them) Straydog is automatically credited a certain percentage of the purchase. Checks are usually issued once a month. So please let people know about Every single supporter's online shopping at over 550 popular stores can mean a donation for Straydog Inc.!

(2) Kroger Share Card

Contact us to get a card to show the checker when you purchase something at Kroger. Kroger sends us a percentage of your purchase.

(3) Tom Thumb Share Card

Contact us to get a card to show the checker when you purchase something at Tom Thumb. Tom Thumb sends us a percentage of your purchase.



The closest we've come to disaster




On 6/17/05 we had only

$516 in the bank, $378 of which

paid for the next week's

dog food purchase.


Please help Straydog Inc. raise money!


*Running a No-Kill Dog Shelter is so expensive
that we simply keep running out of money every couple of months
(Copies of all Straydog Inc. Form 990 Tax Returns for every year all the way back to 1998 are available on line at


*Please send a Check to: Straydog, P.O. Box 1465, Gun Barrel City, Texas 75147

*You may make a Credit Card Donation by calling 903-479-3497


*Our first reaction to our shortage of funds is always to:
Reduce our Shelter Population; Reduce Expenses!


*But the problem for dogs persists:
Tragic homelessness due to overpopulation continues!
The Straydog waiting list is a mile long!
Convincing everyone to spay and neuter is slow and difficult!

*We cannot stop!

*We must continue to:

(1) Rescue dogs, while advocating spay and neuter!

(2) Rehabilitate rescued dogs!

(3) Provide a good home at Straydog for each rescued dog!

(4) Adopt out dogs to good forever homes!

(5) Continue to rescue more dogs until there are no more homeless dogs!

Please help Straydog again!

*You may donate directly to our vet clinic:
Morton Small Animal Clinic, 1404 E. Tyler Street, Athens, Texas 75751
* 903-675-5708



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