Excerpts from E-Mail Messages

Important Message in one Contributor's E-Mail

"We are teaching our daughter that all pets are a lifetime commitment. Once they come into our home, they are ours until their last day."

When everyone finally learns, accepts and follows the above rule, the problem of homeless pets will eventually cease to exist. Adherence by everyone to this philosophy should ultimately insure that spay and neuter will automatically replace euthanasia as humanity's method of controlling the population of domesticated pets.

[Later: My [Bill's] comment on the above excerpt from a contributor's e-mail message is not necessarily true. What she and her husband are teaching their daughter is to treat pets as family and to follow "family first" philosophy, which I do believe is our only savation. Family First philosophy does, unfortunately, have a major flaw unless everyone follows it: It allows us to ignore those outside our family, which allows the possible continued existence of the homeless.]