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In the year 2000 we adopted out more than 25 dogs. We started the year with 50 dogs and now have 51. We take between four and seven dogs (ready for adoption) to one of the pet supply stores in Dallas every Saturday, during which Saturday Adoption Days we have had most of our success.

The following dogs are just a sampling of those who are ready for adoption. Please call us at 903-479-3497 if you have a special dog in mind or if you would like more information about one (or more) of the following dogs:



Breed: Mix, maybe some Shepherd/Mix

Sex: Female -- Spayed

Birth Date: Approx: 9/96

Color: Red/White

Vaccinations: Up to Date

Weight: Approx: 55 pounds

Health: No apparent health problems


Mommy Dog is gentle and quiet. She loves attention and to be petted. I think she will make a great housedog and become very loyal to her owner.



APRIL and JOHNNY - Best friends and must be adopted together


APRIL (on right)


Breed: Spitz mix

Sex: Female--Spayed

Birth Date: Approx. 8/97

Color: White fluffy fur

Vaccinations: Up to date

Weight: Approx: 35 pounds

Health: Very Good. No health problems.


April had heartworms when we brought her to our Shelter. She was successfully treated and is fine and healthy now.

April is a darling dog. She is very attached to her kennel companion JOHNNY and these two fellas need to be adopted into a loving home where they will be able to remain together.




Breed: Heeler mix (he is "smiling" for the camera)

Sex: Male--Neutered

Birth Date: Approx. 4/97

Color: Multi -- Black/Brown/Grey

Vaccinations: Up to date

Weight: Approx: 40 pounds

Health: Very Healthy

Johnny came to us with a broken pelvis and fractured back leg but our vet said these injuries had healed on their own, and he also had a degenerative right hip which needed surgery at the time we brought him to our shelter. The surgery was preformed and now Johnny is fine, occasionally he has a slight limp.

Johnny is a sweet, affectionate dog. He loves attention and to play with his best buddy and kennel companion, April. Johnny and April are best buddies and we would like them to be adopted in a loving home where they can remain together.


Breed: Small Mix

Birth Date: Approx. 8/96

Sex: Female--Spayed

Color: Red

Vaccinations: Up to date

Weight: Approx: 30 pounds

Health: No apparent health problems


Emily is a sweetie! She is very dog and people friendly. Emily loves attention and to play and run! She loves to play with toys. Emily was adopted on June 10, 2000 by a wonderful couple at our Adoption Day at Petsmart in Dallas. We've heard several times from her new owners. She's doing fine!


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