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Pat Arnold's Daily Dog Log ...

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1999 - Family calls wanting dog

Rhonda Grisak (from our original mailing list of more than two years ago) called today trying to find a companion pet for their two-year-old Retriever mix named Abby. She and her husband Tom also have a three-year-old little boy named Jason, so the candidate for adoption had to be both dog- and child-friendly. "Laid-Back" Jack, Nickie's kennel companion, who is going to be featured on the cover of the soon-to-be-published "Friends of Straydog" Newsletter, was my first suggestion.

Rhonda remembered having read about Jack in an earlier newsletter and was really happy that we hadn't yet adopted him out. She wanted to come to Straydog (our Happy Home for Strays) as soon as possible with her husband Tom and their son Jason to meet Jack. But since I always feel more comfortable about seeing where our rescued fellas will be living, and I (or one of us at Straydog) have to do a house check to be sure there's a fenced yard and to feel comfortable about the adoption, I suggested that Bill and I bring Jack to their house for a visit Sunday morning. (Also these dogs behave much more calmly when we take them to their prospective new home than they do when people come here.) If everything worked out, the dog would stay with the new family.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 1999 - Jack goes to clinic for x-rays

Rhonda and her husband also wanted to be sure Jack didn't have hip dysplasia before they adopted him. I had never had Jack checked for this disease since I have become pretty good at spotting hip dysplasia simply by observing a dog's gait, and Jack has always walked normally. But we could certainly understand their concern, and we wanted to be sure also. I took Jack in this morning for x-rays.

Beautiful, perfect hips! The x-rays to me were like a priceless masterpiece painting.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1999 - Jack is adopted! What a lucky dog!

We left Straydog (our Happy Home for Strays) before eight o'clock this morning with Jack in the back of the station wagon headed for Lucus, Texas (about 97 miles to the north), where the adoptive family lives. Soon, as you'll see from the photos below, I had to crawl into the back and put up the second seat to let Jack lie across my lap. He is so gentle, affectionate and lovable and wants to be held and petted every chance he gets.

Jack waits in kennel, then jumps into wagon.

Ten miles down the road Jack's on Pat's lap in back seat.

Bill is looking good after recovering from an arthritis attack two weeks ago. Jack is very curious about camcorder. (All these stills, by the way, are frames pulled from video.)

Jack arrives at his new home and walks with Pat to meet Abby through the fence. No signs of hostility on either side.

Lots of sniffing and checking things out before Pat takes off Jack's leash. As you can see Jack's going to share a nice, big fenced yard. The property beyond is theirs too--five acres.

Comfortable the dogs won't fight, Pat removes Jack's leash. (See reflections of Pat and Bill in windows, Bill filming.)

The two dogs continue to get to know each other.