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Pat Arnold's Daily Dog Log ...

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1999 - Bishop takes Jack's place as Nickie's kennel mate

When we got back from adopting Jack out to the Grisak family, we were hoping that Nickie (who had been Jack's kennel companion) and Bishop, our recent arrival who needed a playmate, would get along well and that Bishop would be able to move in with Nickie immediately. We first took them to the park together on leashes, and when we saw that they showed no hostility toward each other, we took off the leashes. At first it was clear Bishop would tolerate Nickie, but he showed little interest in her. Nickie on the other hand was ready to start playing with her new friend and soon-to-be kennel mate.

After several minutes of getting to know each other we took them to Nickie's kennel, which shares a common fence with the next-door neighbors, Mommy Doggie and her two feral pups, Bobby and Briar. I had the hose ready in case there was trouble--most likely from Mommy Dog not wanting Bishop so close to her kennel, and there was, but one quick spraying and the family backed off and accepted Bishop with no further incidents.

All went beautifully the rest of the day and now sweet Bishop has a companion to live with, and Nickie has a new kennel mate!


MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1999 - We really need three kennel helpers so that there are at least two plus myself seven days a week--at least ONE if there's a no-show!

Having to work the entire day alone on several occasions this past summer due to unforeseen "labor problems" (newly hired kennel helpers not showing up for work) has finally made me realize that at age 59 I cannot do this job any longer without help--a lot of help since our shelter now cares for so many doggies! Here's what happens each and every day of the year:

Daily Routine


4:25 A.M. - First employee arrives.

4:30 - 5:30 - Food preparation for breakfast for 45 dogs.

5:30 - 7:00 - Feeding of 45 dogs.

7:00 A.M. - Second employee arrives.

7:00 - 11:00 - Dog walks by one helper; kennel cleaning rounds by the second helper. Only one day per week are there three helpers since each has two days off. On the three-person day Randy has a list of special chores to do, like adding fence sections onto kennels, fixing sticking doggie gates, building shelters or shade tops, etc. His list of special chores to do is never-ending!