Meet Pat Arnold

STRAYDOG INC., P.O. BOX 1465, GUN BARREL CITY, TEXAS 75147 - 903-479-3497

Concerned but still smiling, Pat Arnold has worked (without pay) all day every day at her shelter since early 1993--except for a three-hour break on Thanksgivings, Christmases and occasional family birthdays, during which breaks each year she has dinner with her family. How much longer does she intend to continue this schedule? Until (1) euthanasia is no longer used to control the population of dogs (and cats), which will happen when, via spay and neuter, there will no longer BE a surplus of homeless dogs, (2) individual family homes are found to adopt at least a majority of the now 46 rescued dogs at Straydog (our Happy Home for Strays) and/or (3) Straydog receives enough donations to hire a big enough crew to do almost all the kennel work at Straydog, allowing Pat to manage the shelter on a more normal schedule.


Meet Baby Annie

Baby Annie (formerly Baby Tippy) came to us Monday, August 16, 1999. She was the only survivor of an automobile hit-and-run accident. Randy came on the scene at about 4:15 A.M on his way to work at our shelter. He stopped to move the dead dogs off the road and found this pup huddled against her mother's body.

At 7:30 A.M. Pat put Baby Annie in the small travel kennel in the back of the wagon and left for the animal clinic for the baby's checkup and puppy shots.

At the end of her first week Baby Annie is still a tiny little ball of fur. Her quarantine kennel is roped off by a hose. If you get inside that area, you have to decontaminate yourself after you come out--even the bottoms of your shoes, stepping in a small puddle of chlorine bleach. Per our veterinarians the parvo virus can live dormant for many months on a blade of grass. If Baby Annie doesn't come down with parvo or any other disease within the first two weeks, the vets will consider her disease-free and healthy. She looks fine so far. We continue to pray she'll be all right. [As you'll see in later updates, Baby Annie became Puppy Annie and is doing just fine, as we continue to search for a family to adopt her. ... On October 9, 1999 we found Annie a home. See story about Sue V adopting Puppy Annie in the October 17, 1999 Straydog Journal.]

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