Temperature's above 100 degrees. Sun's still high in the sky. Still lots to do.



Abby and Danny boy waiting for sunset.

Pat having a conversation with Jack.

Mommy Dog gives Pat a kiss while Pat pets puppy Briar.

Blind Stevie plays ball.


I'm stirring millet, a whole cereal grain we feed to many of the dogs along with quick-boiled fresh broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and other vegies, plus slow-cooked lentils and occasional other beans.


Randy had just gotten out of his truck at 4:25 in the morning a couple of weeks ago, and in the darkness he saw what he thought for a moment was a vine running along the top of the fence of Tipper and Tommy's kennel. Then he realized we have no vines growing anywhere on the dogs' fences. He hurried to the office to get the flashlight and when he got back, he found what he had suspected it was--the ratsnake in the photo, which he carried to the far edge of our property where he let it go.

Bishop will be coming home tomorrow, Monday, August 16, 1999. We should have taken a picture of him with his Elizabethan collar--the lampshade up-side-down hat, which he'll no longer be wearing, which is why he's stayed an extra five days at the clinic: It's too darn hot for a sick dog to have to stay outdoors with an Elizabethan collar on.

Fat grasshoppers after having eaten one of our trees bare.