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* ALL STRAYDOG RADIO SHOWS - including our just-posted show covering Saturday, January 24, 2015

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Wayne is very popular during caregiving rounds in the kennel of blind and deaf Colt, and big pups Fatso and Bitie.
Caregiver Wayne has "cookies" in his pocket, of course, and blind and deaf Colt smells the cookies and jumps up on Wayne.
Please remember that Colt's only senses are smell and touch. He must picture his world from the info from those two senses.

Straydog Adoption Day SATURDAY! (1.24.15)
We were at Petsmart Mesquite 19175 LBJ Freeway (635), Mesquite, Tx from 11 - 3 p.m.
ROSTER: (1) Reyna (2) Big Pup Leonardo (3) Miranda (4) Patrick
(5) Aubrey (a beautiful dog being fostered by Adoption Day Volunteer David Bonski)
DAVID REPORTS: Busy day at Petsmart Mesquite with visitors and passers-by
saying they were taking their time looking for just the right pet.
ERIN REPORTS: Foster Dog Daisy, shown on Straydog's Petfinder Page,
had a home visit and was adopted today!



* Click here for our recently posted Photos Only Straydog Update (1/8/15)

Lacie hold our little fella, Ultimo. He's at Morton Clinic for his second checkup.





* Daily Operating Fund + Vet Account Balance at Morton Small Animal Clinic at 12/9/14.
Morton Small Animal Clinic total bill paid off and then some! Thanks so much to one very generous contributor!










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