* Click here for our just posted Written Straydog Update (with photos) - James W takes Hannah and Chubs to the park,

Hannah and Chubs are really leading Park Walker James W to the park. The dogs know they don't have much time, and they want to get there as quickly as possible to give themselves a little more time.

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* Daily Operating Fund + Vet Account Balance at Morton Small Animal Clinic at 12/9/14.
Morton Small Animal Clinic total bill paid off and then some! Thanks so much to one very generous contributor!

* Click here for our recently posted Written Straydog Update (with photos) - The Hospital One Gang all wait at the gate for us to bring them in.

Look at our Little Bitty there in the back [upper center of photo]. She does not want to get bullied or beaten up by anyone before the gate is opened and the gang charges out in their mad dash for Hospital One. Bitty used to be the one trying to bully everyone at the park gate, but she finally learned her lesson from the other fellas and now stays back away from everyone and is usually the last doggie to get back to Hospital One.


Busy day! A family really liked Noel and went home to think about adopting her.
And another family really liked Aubrey and also went home to think about adopting her.
 Genie really came around after a bit and enjoyed herself very much at Adoption Day.
Straydog Adoption Day SATURDAY! (12.13.14)
We were at Petsmart Mesquite 19175 LBJ Freeway (635), Mesquite, Tx from 11 - 3 p.m.
ROSTER: (1) Vicky  (one of Phara's beautiful pups!)  (2) Lilly
(3) Puppy Genie (4) Aubrey (a beautiful dog being fostered by Adoption Day Volunteer David Bonski)


* Click here for our recently posted Written Straydog Update (with photos)

HOME VISIT FOR LEYLA ON 11/18/14: Things go very well with the first dog. No aggression at all. They seem to like each other and that they would be compatible, but the other two dogs and Leyla didn't get along well, so there may be more home visits to see if this adoption might work.









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